Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ice As Art; Return to the Sea

My newest in the "Ice As Art" Series; Entitled; "Return to the Sea" A celebration of the fact that all of us originated from the vastness and chemistry of the oceans. And beyond that we trace our dna origins through the widest expanses of the universe. That's why when we look up at the stars or deep into the oceans blue...we see a little bit of me and you...


  1. Intriguing concept, and really well executed. Your observation about our true origins reminds me of a line from a poem (author forgotten): "The atoms in your eyelashes / Are older than the stars." I think chemistry and physics classes would be more interesting if they were tied together with art and song.

    Other that, how are you and Karina, Gabrielle and Nolan doing? How is that left-wing guerrilla poet dog of yours - "Che" - doing?

    1. Thanks for the thoughts Randy. Ours is but a brief, insignificant presence in this universe and time. We soon will become scattered (once again) into this primordial soup called the universe. That's why when you scoop up sand, or dirt or pond water...God only knows who is in there. That's why I think the Shintoists have got it close to right in saying that all objects have a soul occupied by somebody predeceased. Sorry, got lost in my Carl Sagan mode there for a moment.....Everyone is well and GG is trying to decide her career path/college for fall.