Wednesday, May 28, 2008

4 Barns In Clinton, NY

Clinton, NY which is in the Town of Kirkland in Upstate NY, is an ivy league college (Hamilton College) community where at times you can feel as if you stepped back in time 60 or 70 years to when things were slower and simpler. A place where kids still sled on the hills above the farms in the winter, swim and dive in the creeks in the summer, and drink fresh apple cider from the mill in the fall. Barns are an important part of the community. They tell stories through their construction that reflect not only their original creators, but those who inherited the barns and their upkeep and care. That's why I love to photograph and paint barns in Upstate, NY., there is a craft and love in these structures that most likely will never be duplicated. Orchards and farmland in this area like much of the country, is succumbing to urban sprawl. Right down the road a local orchard chose to sell acreage to build a box store, and destroyed many old apple trees that nourished many generations of people, animals and birds. I drive by now and remember sadly the trees that flowered beautifully in spring.

I love the light that filters through the white birch tree, this is one of my favorite pieces, even though the barn design is rather simple and straightforward.

I'm glad I captured this image when I did as this barn looks worse and worse every year. It is a beautiful barn with an almost sleek longer design.

After a recent snowfall, I decided to take the "back way" back to the office and was treated to an inspiring view. This barn is in sad disrepair and will probably not be around much longer.
This barn appears to be a newer barn
and has the interesting hand lettering on the front "Rose Hill Farm"