Monday, June 9, 2008

Life Is Contrasts-The Ice Cold Canyon, Niagara Falls, Ontario


The cold and icy month of February seems like a strange time to visit NiagaraFalls, yet it was refreshingly cold and pristine.
You go there in the summer and there are people everywhere
including over and under the falls.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Canyon Trees, Grand Canyon, AZ

The twisted gnarled trees that line the canyon have a character and majestic beauty you don't find here in the Northeast except maybe on some windswept high peaks mountaintops. These
trees have endured extreme heat, cold, wind & drought to give them their unique character. The Japanese through Bonsai
tree art, try to emulate trees with this kind of character. My grandmother had many beautiful highly valued Bonsai that were hundreds of years old, yet these canyon trees in their natural setting, untrained and unbridled except by Mother Nature can never be simulated.
I loved working on these pieces and especially studying the detail and structure of these
beautiful trees.