Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Adirondack Framed Sets Series

If you are purchasing photos, consider having me matte and frame your selections and if you need I will even help you pick out compatible sets. It is recommended that you send me an image (squared) along with dimensions of the space and I will comp in my suggestions


  1. Heidi Brown6:02 PM

    I like how you arranged the pictures Patrick. I wish you could do that for me. I got my beautiful barn but I have not framed it yet, can you help me to pick two more barn pictures to hang next to the picture I have? I get back with you Patrick the medication makes me so tired. Love & Hugs.

  2. sure Heidi be glad to. If you could send me a picture of the wall/s so I can see the colors, shapes etc would help too. Hope you are feeling better soon. Love & hugs to you too