Thursday, October 13, 2011

Autumn and Young Dreams...

I wanted to do autumn portraits of my kids that captured their personalities as well as to lock in on this special and youthful moment in time for them. I enjoyed immensely taking these special photos and picked out two of my favorites to share.


  1. Just curious--where were these taken? The photos came out quite nice. Was this portrait thing an annual occurrence or did the idea just occur to you recently? Tell everyone I said "hello".

  2. Randy, Ola! Trenton and Prospect area. I have some of the portraits hanging in the house as well as I posted some from earlier this year when we were in Maine. You betcha...I tell them about your blog too

  3. Ah, I see now. I actually recall seeing the ones of Gabrielle earlier in your office, but the one of Nolan from the "Nostalgia" images is also quite good. I think it would be interesting to have a sequence of portraits done in the same style over a series of years, so that only the face/body of the subject altered as you passed them over; but in addition to that being grotesquely cliche, it requires an almost neurotic amount of planning. In any event, Ive enjoyed the photos youve posted here; Ill have to pick up some of the Adirondack ones when I return to decorate whatever hovel welcomes me back in the states.