Friday, July 8, 2011

Purity In Nature

“There has to be evil so that good can prove its purity above it.” ~Buddha

I am what most people would clasify as a "hard-core" gardener. And as such I struggle with gardening and the different philosphies related to gardening. And even more so with landscaping;the attempt most homeowners and businesses employ to tame their yards.

Anyone, can landscape. All it takes is to know how to neatly organize 4 or 5 common shrubs or trees, trim them into pom-pom or poodle cut shapes, mulch and water.Perhaps throwing in a stray perennial or grouping of annuals to give the landscape a little character. Oh, and don't forget the perfect grass. This in most cases includes weed free and insect free grass that is soft and lush and reminiscent of your living room carpet or better.

Gardening is an art-form. Yes, art-form! It is art because it tends to be a expressive and artistic reflection of the gardens owner....more to come

Some images from my garden this year.


  1. Maggie Denney9:40 AM

    Beautiful photo's of your garden Pat. I consider myself an aspiring garden artist.Hours are spent long before the preparation of amending the soil for many of my beds. Careful selection of color, texture,theme (if there is one) along with proper placement can be time consuming.Being an aspirig garden artist is a lot of hard work, but is just as rewarding as taking the brush to the canvas. Your gardens are a wonderful reflection of your creativity Pat ~ well done!

  2. Maggie, great comments and no better way to highlight the point that there are different mediums and different styles of expressing yourself through this artform called "gardening". Just like an artist painting a canvas or selecting material and subject for sculpture, a true gardener is attuned to nature and God, to his/her body and mind, and the need/desire to reflect this in their special places in the garden. Could go on and on about this....