Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Simply Organic

A new series I started inspired by my love of for 2 and 3 in the next few months.....thanks and enjoy! ~Yasu


  1. Maggie Denney9:08 AM

    I think I am really going to love this series Pat, if #1 is any indicator as to whats to come. Subliminal images? The figures I see walking through a more detailed forest on the right side indicative of what is known as to disappearing into the larger forest on the left side the unknown. Very, very interesting!

  2. thanks Maggie! Just like you have, as I've studied and explored nature more intensely through gardening, photography and my art pieces, it is indeed uncanny how nature mimicks, duplicates or creates illusions (subliminal images) that are reminiscent of other things/forces in nature. And man has always strove to emulate and imitate nature through art. So yes, "Simply Organic" is my attempt to show the overlap and transparency between between natures realities and her illusions and deceptions