Friday, July 11, 2014

Creativity Knows No Bounds...unless no one sees

Green Infusion

Take a walk with me my friend, to an unknown place that looks so familiar....perhaps the place is from a dream or another time....

No Left Turn

...for things are not always as they seem. Often there's a deeper underlying meaning, or not....

Berry Sweet the frosted window pane which projected light and beautiful shapes in the early morning sun, shapes that hinted of a former lovers face. Tears soon erased the beautiful face, as the sun rose above the horizon...

Mask of Humanity a funk one night sitting in a deep indigo room, I watched as the sun rose and the walls soon bleached white with light. A day I watched as the shadows moved around the perimiter of the room until the room became dark and then a deep indigo blue again....a day, a year, a lifetime.

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  1. Interesting colors and symmetry in these. The prose poems accompanying them were nourishing. Thanks.