Thursday, March 15, 2012

Maine Seascapes

Look for my new photo-and artwork website which will soon house and index selected photos and paintings at higher quality and more professionally which I am very excited about...~Thanks-Pat
Image: Beach Serenity. February when most people think of warm, sunny beaches in exotic places like Hawaii or the Caribbean, Enjoyed an isolation, peace and solitude here you never would experience in the high summer months
Image: Divine Wind. Warm winds,golden sunset and roaring waves...truly a "Divine Wind"
Image: Light at the End Of The Tunnel. All was very cloudy and quiet, no winds, and occasional gull calling and gentle lapping of the ocean on the rocks below. For a brief moment the sun peeks out subtle golden rays from the canopy of clouds
Image: Headed to Sea. I enjoy my coffee and the fabulous sunrise as the lobsterman heads out to sea in early morning. What is he thinking?

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